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Positive Images: Teaching about Contraception
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The fourth edition of Positive Images: Teaching about Contraception and Sexual Health has 35 lessons for teaching these subjects in empowering and --- well, positive ways!

The manual is broken into three sections. "Teaching about Contraception"  has 13 lessons for teaching about the many contraceptive choices available today. The lessons help participants examine basic facts, range of efficacy, risk, and decision-making, as well as gender, sexual orientation, and consumer literacy. "Methods, Methods, Methods" includes lessons that zone in on particular types of contraceptives: abstinence, long acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs), condoms, insertive methods, and emergency contraception. Participants learn key information about these methods, and how to develop skills for successful use. "Teaching about Sexual Health" explores the confusing and complex world in which we gain information about sexual health for ourselves, and encourages critical thinking about the world around us. Participants learn basic information about their bodies, reproductive and sexual health, how to access services. A supplemental resource section has a number of handouts that may be used in conjunction with a number of different lessons, or as standalone materials.

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