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Meditations on the Good News
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“As I began studying Scripture, I felt joy to learn that the Bible has hundreds of passages in which God is delighted with us. It is replete with messages that life is to be enjoyed here and now and not just in heaven, and inspirational and practical lessons to help us lead a joyful, pleasurable and easier life. I discovered more than fifteen years ago that the Bible had lessons to teach us today . . . You don’t need to be Christian or Jewish or Unitarian Universalist or attend a church or synagogue to benefit from these Biblical insights. You don’t need to believe in a creed, or indeed believe in organized religion at all to apply these lessons in your own daily life. It doesn’t matter if you read the Bible literally or as metaphor, because both types of readers can be inspired by its passages. You can be “spiritual, not religious” or “religious and spiritual” and still find or make meaning.” From the introduction “In Debra Haffner’s hands the Bible becomes a practical, wise and approachable guide to living. She shows us a Bible that invites us to live fully rather than berate us with sin and guilt.” - The Reverend Peter Morales President, Unitarian Universalist Association